Winter Care for Your Garden

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You may have gotten used to the cold weather of your region but your plants might face some trouble adjusting. Your garden inhabitants are greatly affects by several factors like climate and region. If you’re curious about what your outdoor and indoor New Zealand plants need this winter, and whether your garden tools will survive the transition, these tips may help.

Sheds NZ- Thirst and Hunger

Plant type and location will usually determine the amount of water you will give to them. Mostly plants tend to require less water during the winter and there is a risk of them being overwatered. You can prevent your plants from drowning by keeping them nestled in loose black soil instead of clay.

When it comes to plant like the cyclamen, they require less water in the winter. You should water these plants until the bubbling comes to a stop. This lets you know that the plant is no longer thirsty.

Keep indoor plants near windows which are the natural light source. Rotate them every two to three days so that they get even amounts of sun. Indoor heaters can deplete the moisture in the air so your indoor plants may actually need more water during NZ winters. A sign that your plants are not getting enough moisture is the drying, drooping, or curling of leaves. To replenish air moisture use a humidifier.

Quality Sheds NZ- Tools in the Winter

Your gardening tools may not be actually freezing in the winter. But the truth is that the testy elements of winter months, such as frost and storms, can oxidize your equipment. Follow these tips and you won’t have to repurchase them all the time.

Clean Tools are Best – As you use cutting tools to prune, you may snip off rotting or diseased branches. Wash your tools with hot water and a household bleach to sterilize them monthly. Scrub them down to remove bacteria and the rust that may build up because of winter conditions.

Keep Tools Inside – Gardening tools shouldn’t rust and they should clutter basements or garages. The simple solution is to use garden sheds during NZ winters. With the help of aluminum sheds you can keep your tools organized and the weather elements out. In fact, when storms and strong winds come through, sheds in all NZ regions may be the perfect places to store your more delicate plants as well.

Keep them lubricated – Even the more expensive and clean tools can get problems when cold gets into the screws, gears and bolts. Your tools will keep working nicely if you keep the blades and screws lubricated during winter. Storage sheds can also be used during the NZ winter as long as you visit them often and take care of them.
With a little bit of luck and these simple tips your plants will keep looking great even in the winter season. Consider the use of gardening sheds for NZ rains and frosts and enjoy your winter gardening. Cheap Sheds NZ

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