When Too Much Goodness can be bad: Draw the Line for Submissive Maids

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Submissive maids are pleasers. Most employers would be satisfied to have a subservient maid since they are obedient and never complain. They can be a candidate for the perfect employee but given their constant yielding disposition they are also prone to abuse. To avoid this unwanted fate from happening, don’t allow them to do unrelated tasks and ensure their rights are protected.

Jobs unsuitable for helpers Maids are not working machines. That’s why they are called “helpers” not slaves, they are there to lend a hand. Their job may involve household work like all kinds of cleaning, some cooking, taking care of children or elderly or other assistance. But there are jobs beyond a maid’s capacity.

Carrying a ton of weight and transferring bulk of goods more than 10 pounds cannot be performed by the helper, no matter how great a submissive maid she is. Another job for experts is dealing with deadly substances like combustible chemicals, toxic acids or disgusting wastes. Being too obedient, they may accept the task but these jobs pose a threat to the life of the maid.

Legal Working Rights Maids that are too nice even more so are the ones who deserve a big break. If they are engaged in a contract to work as an in-house helper, they are entitled to living benefits. This means a decent room complete with all amenities, 3 proportionate meals a day, and working hours morning until evening only.

Submissive maids may be favorable but to the best employers. They cannot be handled to abusive ones where they are bound to suffer. Submissive means, never complaining, always yielding and able to fulfill everything. It may not be a virtue if it leads to problems for both the maid and the employer in the future.

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