Rubber Golf Tees Provide Many Advantages

October 24, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Recreation & Sports

Are you a beginner golfer or an avid pro? Either way you will be interested in all the goodies there are to help you improve your game. Things like specialized clubs and even rubber golf tees, for when the plastic ones will not cut it. Every golfer knows that there is a huge advantage from a good tee off.

Often the tee is considered the piece of plastic that holds the ball still, well that’s the answer you will get from a beginner golfer. As you grow and learn the game you will notice different ways to play. Not only will you learn to adjust your stance, grip and swing, you will also look at what tee you are using on the course and in the driving ranges.

The conventional tee designed for just that, teeing off. This piece of plastic gets pushed into the ground allowing the gold ball clearance. This means when the golfer hits the ball there is less resistance from the surrounding grass and the ball travels more freely. A good tee off is often the deciding factor for that hole and often the set.

From a game that was initially designed for men only, women are now making a huge mark in the field. Women have come a far way in the game and are giving a lot of men a run for their money. It’s a game enjoyed by husband and wife and family alike. Golf is also a great place to land those business deals, just make sure you give your client a run for their money, but don’t beat them if you want to secure the deal.

Everyone knows that a poor first swing can hamper your play on the rest of the hole. This may be somewhat psychological regardless it’s not easy coming back when you’re a few points down. This is why it is empirical to have the right equipment handy, especially if you are an avid golfer. Having the right equipment does impact the play of the game.

For long grass areas use the adjustable tee, this will give you an advantage for sure. Not only does it give you a playing advantage but a safety advantage too. Often the plastic tees can break upon impact, if they are hit wrong. This can cause a shard of plastic to travel in almost any direction at an incredible speed. You don’t want to be the person hit with that.

The lack of a sharp edge makes them a lot safer to use. There is far less fear of connecting the tee and having a sharp edge flying in an unknown direction. This makes golfing with kids a lot more pleasant too. Obviously the tee is not the only thing you would have to worry about when kids are playing. Swing golf clubs can be just as terrifying.

So, if you are practicing and pushing yourself to be better, it really doesn’t hurt to get a little more equipment to get there a little easier. It’s still recommended that you start out “old school”. Learn the ways and get better at them, then use the updated technology to get even better.

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