Live Marketing & How Online Marketing Companies Assess It

August 23, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Marketing

If you want to talk about marketing in general, think about the many different ways that it can be put to use. There are various companies that will be able to look into TV, radio, and what have you. However, what about those who are able to go the extra mile, seeing as though there are certain entities that will use various environments to bring better efforts to the forefront? Knowing that these efforts have become popular, how is it that online marketing companies will be able to look into them?

This idea came to my attention following the “Carrie” prank of sorts. It occurred in New York City within a small coffee shop and, with various props being constructed, a scene similar to what one would see in the movie played out in front of them. The idea of telekinesis being done in front of someone in the real world can more than stir some emotions. However, this has been rather effective, judging by how people have come to see it following its arrival on the Internet.

It seems as though this video has been able to grow in popularity right away, taking into account the way that it earned over 25 million views. It’s not hard to see why, especially since the video went into detail about how the prank was able to be put together. In addition, think about just how many individuals love the idea of horror. It’s a genre that so many people enjoy, especially with zombies and the supernatural being so popular, so why shouldn’t online marketing companies focus on it?

It’s not like this is the first case of live marketing, as online marketing companies would be able to tell you. When “The Simpsons Movie” released a number of years back, there were marketing efforts done alongside 7-Eleven stores. The fact that many of these stores transitioned into Kwik-E Marts for the sake of promotion is a great move and easily one of the most recognizable out there. Such efforts are supported by companies, involved in the field of networking, along the lines of fishbat.

Marketing, in my mind, is something that can be done properly with the best results coming to the forefront. Performances like the one done for the “Carrie” remake is something that cannot be overstated. It did very well in not only grasping at the fear of the patrons in the coffee shop at the time but the attention of those who cannot help but consider themselves Internet enthusiasts. This example of advertising is one that will be hard to beat, even with other movies coming about later on.

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