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Siemens Apogee is one of the most widely used building automation systems in the world. It is very popular because of its compatibility with newer technologies. In fact, it has the longest history of compatibility in the software industry. When a new technology has been developed, it is very easy to integrate it into the current system. This can save the owner of the building a lot of money since there will be no need of costly upgrades.

Siemens Apogee is a forward thinking system in every sense. This is because it can be used with technologies that have not yet been developed, meaning that it can never really become obsolete. For consumers, this translates to huge savings because there will be no need of paying for costly upgrades whenever a new technology has been developed. Reduced expenditure is always appreciated regardless of the industry, so this is a plus.

This automation system may be used in buildings of various sizes. The excellent scalability offered by the automation package makes it more attractive since it can be used in both small and large buildings. The scale of application of the system increases with the addition of more modules. In other words, the more modules there are, the larger the scale of automation.

In the world of automation and computer networking, there are communication protocols that are considered the industry standard. TCP/IP is very popular in computer networking while ModBus is commonly used in industrial automation systems. Other types of protocols that are commonly used in the automation industry include OPC, Web, LonWork and BACNet among others. These are all standard open protocols that can work with Apogee.

What makes this system more desirable is the fact that it can be used with hundreds of other building systems, devices, networks and controllers from hundreds of different manufacturers. This makes it versatile, a desirable quality in any industry. With it, you can use devices and controllers that you may already have as well as all the existing networks.

This building automation package supports a wide range of communication options. For instance, it supports pagers, web browsers, SMS, phone, dial up and email with RENO. Communication is the key to success of any organization, so this system will help to ensure success by making transfer of information easier.

Users can expect greater performance and high functionality from the system. This is because Siemens equipment have been used. Furthermore, users can be guarantee of experiencing exceptional performance with zero breakdown. The energy efficiency of these equipment will also translate to lower monthly bills since there will not be any wastage of energy.

Investors who automate their buildings using Siemens Apogee get a lot of benefits. For one, they have greater flexibility because there is interoperability of open protocol used in automation. Secondly, they can integrate the system with several other building systems regardless of the manufacturing company or installer. Upgrading, optimizing and expanding system facilities is also much easier when this software is used. Like all other Siemens products, orders can be placed directly with the manufacturer or authorized dealerships. Installation works are also handled by specialists who are certified by the manufacturer.

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