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Everyone has this deep desire to travel the world and see new and exotic places, else why would we have so many people trying to live it all on their TVs? Many people just plan on doing all of their traveling as soon as they have left the job market and made their millions.

That doesn’t account for all of the necessary pit stops, and we haven’t even left the state yet. As only a participator and not the driver in all of these road trips, I may not be an expert, but I do know what makes long road trips not only bearable but fun.

Get to know your ship before you ever leave port. Know the perks and where things are. It will save you a lot of time and hassle as you make your way around the ship with ease. You could print out your deck plan and make notes on it or better do it electronically so you just need to whip out your phone.

Food Inevitably, at least one person in the car at all times will be hungry. Do not plan on just using the drive-thrus and gas stations along the way to placate this hunger. Pack food and snacks ahead of time for moments such as these. In order to avoid complaints double check with everyone that the snacks you are packing is something that they will actually be willing to eat.

Professors Many times we think of professors being stuck behind a cloud of academia or huddled behind a load of books in their offices, but there are actually a lot of travel opportunities for professors depending on their fields of study. They may be able to lead a study abroad and teach students how to apply their skills and help them build overseas networks.

Travel to the Ship When you are traveling on your way to the ship make sure to head at least a day early. Drive the long distance the first and stay the night. If you are leaving from New York stay in a hotel in norwalk Connecticut and if are leaving from San Diego look for a place nearby. The day of your cruise departure should be very little travel. This way you can avoid any last minute problems with the car and get to the ship without any unnecessary stress. You can even plan to stay a few days in the port town to sight see and recover from any jet lag if you flew.

Boarding the Ship If you decide to drive to the ship remember that parking costs money. When you get to your terminal you can expect anywhere from eight to fifteen dollars a day in parking. As you take your stuff out of the car and hand over your luggage to the porters make sure to give them a good tip. These people are in charge of making sure your bags get to the ship and then to you safely. Avoid any foolish risk and give a good tip.

If you take all of these things into consideration, not only will your trip be much more easy and comfortable, but your kids will be thanking you for all of the effort that you put into planning everything. In all of you future road trips, keep in mind comfort, food, entertainment, and rest.

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