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Information technology has become a large part of how businesses operate. This term, also known as IT, refers to the application of telecommunications equipment and computers for storage, retrieval, manipulation and transmission of data. IT service management, abbreviated as ITSM, generally refers to implementing and managing the quality of IT services. An ITSM company can offer solutions to help an organization or business run at top effectiveness.

This practice is associated with the process-improvement methodologies and frameworks, such as: Six Sigma, CMMI and TQM. It is implemented to provide a framework in order to structure information technology-related tasks and interactions of IT technical staff with business users and customers. In a broader respect, this type of process overlaps with business service management and IT portfolio management. This is especially true when it comes to financial control and IT planning.

Usually ITSM does not deal with technology development. However, it is focused on operational issues or back office, which may also be known as operations architecture. In this respect, it is often thought to be analogous to enterprise resource planning, ERP, for IT.

ITSM is known for its similarity to management information systems, but it has a different viewpoint. It is considered introspective rather than facing outward and being more academic like MIS. Essentially, it involves IT considering IT delivery to a business and not the information that a business needs. There are multiple frameworks and authors that contribute to this discipline. Furthermore, numerous proprietary approaches can be taken.

This mostly is used for the alignment of delivery for IT service that are needed by enterprises. Much emphasis is on benefits to the customers as well. The practice involves a paradigm of change from managing IT as separate components to focusing on the delivery of services through different process models.

There are four performance indicators that are analyzed in ITSM audits. The value and growth is assessed. This involves tracking the revenue growth against the utilization and investment. There is budget adherence, which relates to optimization of funds and avoidance of unnecessary spending. Risk impact is also important. Then there is communication effectiveness, which includes examining customer feedback, awareness and satisfaction.

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