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The San Francisco Baseball Academy has been one of the premiere sports schools in the area for the last couple of years. They teach people at every age group, from young kids up to people of retirement age. The school’s primary goal is to aid those who have ambitions to become top level athletes. In addition, it provides advice to local leagues and offers coaching to teams.

They school takes pride in encouraging peoples’ enthusiasm for the sport. In addition to providing coaching, they also offer birthday parties and you can go there just to have some fun. The environment is extremely relaxed and supportive which means there is no need to feel intimidated about joining classes.

Michael Aicardi is the school’s founder. He began with just a single client but has built it up. Now he has literally hundreds. His vision was to bring baseball back to the city and growing the academy is one a way of achieving that. There are now three coaches working within a state-of-the-art indoor training facility.

Joe Della Cella is a popular teacher at the school. He is very passionate about the sport and cares about how popular it is in the city. For a few years he was the assistant coach at the University Of San Francisco and before that he was Director Of Baseball Operations. He also holds a Master Of The Arts degree.

All classes are an hour in length. Kids are taught particular baseball skills and they practice by playing little games. It’s a terrific sport because technical skills are more important than how big you are. Also, it doesn’t require contact in the way football does. As a result, anybody can learn and play the game. It’s a very good way of being introduced to team sports as well.

The youngest students are three years old. Classes for them tend to be in the morning and they learn about the basics of the game. This includes holding and swinging the bat, running to the bases and throwing the ball. Team play is emphasised, so is the importance of good manners and sportsmanship. The classes are very social too.

Most classes focus on the needs of each individual student. The teachers assess whether the student is left or right handed and they try to strengthen their weaker areas. Everyone learns the rules of game. They are all given a hard copy of them which means they can learned at home. It can take many years to fully understand the rules, so it is better to start when young.

San Francisco Baseball Academy also provide lessons for Major League Students. There are eight classes which run for eight weeks, and each one lasts for sixty minutes. Students can go on any week-day. Each lesson is scheduled for the same day of each week. When the the course is complete, a lot of students decide to enrol again. You can pay for one class at a time or for the whole eight classes.

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