How Come Choosing Cleverly Is Getting The Best Self Tanner

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Before best self tanner could be selected, the only way to get a tan or even a bit of a glow, was to lay out in the sun for a long time or pay a visit to the local tanning salon. This was until studies began to show how damaging and dangerous the sun is for skin, which left people looking for another way to get the look of tanned skin. This resulted in the birth of sunless tanning products, however, many people were not impressed with the results.

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Early products often left the skin with an unnatural orange tint, streaks of colors, and messy hands. But they were more convenient and safe than sunbathing or tanning beds, so people continued to use them and simply dealt with the problems. As time went on, however, companies worked out most of the kinks, and today, tanning products are available in a range of mediums and colors and do not have many of the problems their ancestors.

They are found in many forms, including creams, towelettes, mousse, and gels. The type that is best depends largely on skin type, color, and mere preference. With the arrival of these products, people were not longer required to wait for summer to arrive to gain some color-and even better, damage to skin is minimized.

For an added touch, many tan products contain SPF, although not enough to completely prevent sun damage. Tanning products are quick to use, convenient, and relatively cheap. Color is produced either right away or after just a few short hours.

To ensure your tanning product works effectively and gives even color, it is very important that you thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin to create the best surface for the tanning product. Skin which is dirty or has dry patches from not exfoliating will result in streaky and uneven color. It is best to exfoliate the skin about 4 hours prior to applying tanning product, which is why many clean and exfoliate in the morning then apply the tanning product in the evening.

There are some out there who worry about the different compounds found in tanning products. However, it should be known that tanning products have been greatly studied and found to be completely safe for regular use. The fact is that exposure to sun is much more harmful and damaging that applying a tanning product could ever be.

Picking out the correct color option to match a specific skin tone is often the hardest part of buying a self tanning product. Which is why most manufacturers offer their tanning products in a wide range of colors and strengths, from the very lightest shades for those with pale to ivory skin; to the deeper formulas perfect for those with darker skin tones who are looking for a little something extra. Even better, some cosmetics and makeup counter which sell tanning products will even have samples available for people to try prior to making a purchase, making color matching a cinch.

Also of note, the best self tanner products can be used for the hands as face as well. These areas are often hard to tan with conventional products as they leave an unnatural color. They are truly convenient and make it possible to get that summer glow any time of the year.

You will be happy when you find the best self tanner on the market. A spray on tan would be something for you to look at.


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