Food Photography: Techniques For Stunning Photos

November 7, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Advertising

Although you might think that the work of a food photographer is just shooting away on food items, it’s actually more than just that. If you’re going to be involved with food photography, your photos should be able to convey a message without any words to accompany it. It is an art form that requires both technical skills and creativity – and professionals are paid good money for their services.

In order to become a successful food photographer, you’re going to have to first take up the technical aspects of food photography. If you want to have a stable foundation in food photography, it is highly recommended that you take up a college degree in photography first. You can find such training programs being offered in community and junior colleges, vocational schools, and universities.

You can expect to learn many important technical knowledge and skills during your photography training program, most of which will be very useful if you’re planning to become a full-time food photographer. Some of the topics you will learn about are parts of the camera, exposure basics, proper composition, post processing, color management, and using strobes.

Among the most important qualities that you must have as a food photographer are creativity and a keen sense of imagination. The ability to think “outside the box” will definitely serve you well, especially once you’re doing this professionally. If you’re looking to become better as a photographer, it is recommended that you join photography clubs, joining photo-shoot sessions, and working as an assistant photographer.

You should only get immersed in food photography once you have mastered the basics of photography in general. It’s like taking a college degree first before moving on to a specialized field. A food photographer is a special area of photography that requires the use of specific lighting techniques, styling, equipment, props, shooting techniques, composition, and effects.

There are many employment opportunities that await you as a food photographer – food magazines, cookbooks, food blogs, restaurants, catering businesses, advertising companies, and food manufacturing industries are just some examples. Keep in mind though that competition can be quite tough in this field so therefore it is important to have your own style of photography and make it stand out among the rest.

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