Five Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

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To get your teeth straightened there are many methods. Depending on how badly your teeth are misaligned there is a procedure suited for you. Here are a few options your dentist might recommend.

Braces — there are two kinds. There are metal braces which most of us are familiar with and there are the recently developed invisible braces. Depending on how much of an adjustment is needed, metal braces can take several months. They cannot be removed any time you want. You must wait until your teeth are in the desired position. Invisible braces are removable and they look better while you are waiting for your teeth to be aligned. The only downside is that it costs more than metal braces.

Inman aligners is another option that fall between metal and invisible braces. They fit in your mouth and squeeze either side of your teeth until they are straightened. The front wall is invisible so it’s not noticeable to others. It is uncomfortable however and is only meant to straighten the front teeth.

For chipped or unusually sharp teeth you can have your dentist install veneers. Veneers are small shells that are attached to the outside of your teeth and give them a nice shape. They cannot be removed because of this bonding, and they usually last only five to ten years.

An alternative to veneers is contouring. Chipped teeth are given a better shape with this procedure. Teeth that are too long can be shortened to give you a more aligned smile.

A last resort for straightening your teeth is surgery. It is an expensive procedure and meant for those who have a misaligned jaw bone. If any of the above procedures cannot be applied then surgery is the answer. Not only is it expensive, but you will probably end up wearing braces after this procedure. And then after braces comes a retainer. Be prepared to wait a long time to see the results. If you have the money then this is the treatment you should have.

Some people think that having crooked teeth ruins your appearance, while others think that is what gives a person their charm. Before you have any treatment done, weigh the pros and cons, so that you are happy with the final results.

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