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Singapore, Singapore – May 9th 2012 – More and more people in Singapore are finding that they need the services of a private investigator. Whether it be for employee screening, pre-marriage background checks, proof of infidelity or any other online investigation, finding a qualified and experienced private investigator is becoming increasingly important to the people of this Asian nation. Now, there is a one stop website for those interested in finding a private investigator. It’s
The website provides all the information needed to find a qualified private investigator. It offers the visitor the questions to ask when interviewing potential PI’s and details about services the private investigator can offer. In Singapore as in many other places around the world, a private investigator usually offers a similar set of services:
• Surveillance – Following and observing an individual to determine where they go, what they do and who they are with. This is very important in suspected cases of adultery, child custody battles and to detect fraudulent behavior.
• Process Servers – Many private investigators are hired as process servers to officially notify a defendant of a court date.
• Background Checks – For those interested in checking out a potential mate or employee and private investigator can be very useful.
In Singapore, it is important to know that private investigators can only handle civil cases and cannot deal with criminal cases like the police. This means they cannot arrest individuals or conduct property searches without a warrant. They cannot stalk, wiretap, trace calls or do anything else that is illegal or unethical.
The cost of a private investigator in Singapore varies depending on the service provided and how long the job takes to complete. Most charge by the day and some offer package deals. Those interested in these services should meet with the private investigator in casual dress and avoid any indication of wealth or status. All interested parties should be prepared to ask serious questions of the private investigator and take the steps to avoid being conned, which include:
- Do not hire a one man show
- Do not meet a private investigator outside of the office
- Ensure the detective and insurance licenses are clearly visible on the wall
- Make sure the investigator has his own office or work area for privacy and security
There is no shame in hiring a private investigator if there are issues to be dealt with and questions to be answered. All people have the right to protect themselves through knowledge.
It is even possible for individuals to perform some of the tasks normally done by a private investigator on their own and those should be investigated before investing in a private detective. Preparing a Writ of Summons and conducting corporate and personal searches are just some of the things individuals can do on their own. can help with that too. Visitors to the site need only sign up for the free report “5 Minutes Guide to Tell if Anyone is Lying to You.” was founded in May 2012 in Singapore. The website featuring private investigator is created by ex-police detective, James Pong.


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