Facts About Adopting Sustainable Green Energy In Africa

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Africa is leading the world with increased use of non renewable energy sources. Electricity is being used to power industries and homes, charcoal and firewood are being used for cooking in many rural and urban poor populations and vehicles use fuel. This use of renewable resources is greatly contributing to the increase of carbon emissions in the air and hence pollution. To change this, adopting sustainable green energy in Africa will be the way forward.

Green energy is obtained from all the natural sources such as the sun, wind, geothermal heat, tides, waves and rain. The continent has a lot of these resources as it enjoys sunlight almost throughout the year while its coasts receive substantial amounts of tides, waves and winds yearly. It is therefore a shock that most African nations are not utilizing well these sources.

Most nations should therefore set goals to see total replacement of conventional power sources with these clean alternative sources. Apart from this green source being clean, it is sustainable. This means that current generation will enjoy its use as well as the future generation.

There are a lot of benefits that will result with complete adoption of this sustainable energy. To start the list, it will contribute to poverty reduction. A large number of Africans live below the poverty line and this can be attributed to high unemployment levels. By utilizing solar energy extensively, governments can provide employment opportunities for people. This is because they will now be able to build industries in various parts of the country, improve infrastructure and this will improve economy.

Clean air will also be achieved and thus less cases of health related conditions from emissions. With green energy, there are no emissions and thus nations will be able to protect their environments. Apart from this, there will be no need to cut down forests for firewood and charcoal and thus forest cover is protected preventing soil erosion and drought situations.

Political problems will also be avoided if sustainable green power is considered. Many communities in African are always fighting over the limited resources. For instance different communities fighting over control of oil sources and this has led to loss of many lives. This has also resulted to political instability. Therefore by considering the alternative power forms, every community will benefit equally from these sources and therefore less fighting.

As much as adapting these alternative sources seems like the ultimate goal, most countries in the continent cannot finance the infrastructure for this. They also do not have enough expertise to implement this. Therefore most of the green measures adapted are only used in small scale and this cannot lead to big change in the environment, political sector and also the economy.

It is therefore up to the various governments to come up with suitable policies to encourage this switch as well as seek sources of finance to fund this project. The staff working for the government should be accountable when dealing with these funds. Other than this, nongovernmental organizations should be formed to do research of how to tap power from these natural sources easily, implementation process, dissemination activities in rural areas and more networking and lobbying with key stakeholders and investors.

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