Different Reasons For The Current Popularity Of Using An E Hookah Pen

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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health. That is why a lot of people who cannot live without this habit are turning their attention to alternatives, such as the use of electronic devices that replicate the action of cigarette sticks. The use of an e hookah pen is being done by so many individuals who want to steer clear of smoking and its negative effects.

Basically, this device is just like any other electronic cigarette out there. Majority of the ones available on the market are disposables and contain e juice with no nicotine. Below you can find some of the reasons for the current popularity of using the product:

Poisonous chemicals are not present in the vapor given off. When lighted up, a cigarette stick produces all sorts of toxins that endanger the health of both the smoker and non-smoker due to secondhand smoke. Some of them include methanol, tar, arsenic, cadmium, ammonia and carbon monoxide. Some of these substances are regarded as carcinogenic agents or substances that can cause cancer formation. On the other hand, e hookahs do not produce any of these highly poisonous chemicals.

Using these devices may be done even in areas where smoking is prohibited. This is due to the fact that they only emit water vapor, saving everyone around from being exposed to secondhand smoke or breathing air that reeks. It’s not unlikely for individuals owning these nifty gadgets to be able to use them inside shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops and museums.

A lot of the variants on today’s market are the non-nicotine types. They are perfect for people who are not hooked to nicotine but still like to experience the oral and tactile pleasure of using cigarette sticks. Although it may appear as though there is smoke produced, these devices actually simply give off vaporized water that is blended with fun and fruity flavors.

They can be carried around easily unlike their massive traditional counterparts. They are about the size of most pens these days, meaning they can be easily placed inside pockets or bags. Whenever their owners like to have their dose of the fruity vapor, they simply have to pull it out and take a drag. There is absolutely no need for them to light up anything with a match stick or lighter.

Many of the variants available on the current market are disposables. The moment these devices run out of battery power or e juice, they can be thrown away. A lot of people simply find the need to bring a charger or e juice bottle for refills highly inconvenient. Individuals who are always on the move may simply bring along a few pens to ensure their constant pleasure.

However, there are also certain brands offering the refillable types. They’re perfect for people who like to come up with their own blend of e juice, giving them utmost control over the nicotine strength and flavor. Naturally, the refillable kinds are installed with batteries that may be recharged using the charger that comes with a starter kit that has all of the essentials.

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