Comparing Sun and Shade Grown Tobacco

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There are two different ways to produce tobacco wrappers, which are made from a certain type of tobacco leaves. Each of the cigars in your humidor either has either shade grown or sun grown tobacco as a wrapper. What is the difference between the two? Does it matter how the tobacco is grown? Actually, it does, and whether or not the tobacco is grown in the shade or the sun affects many different things about the cigar wrappers. Here is the difference between sun grown and shade grown tobacco. Take a look in your humidor. Soon, you will be able to see the difference for yourself.

The importance of sun and shade grown tobaccos comes into play when referring to the tobacco wrapper on your cigar. It does not have to do with the tobacco actually in the cigar. However, how the wrapper itself was grown can have a direct effect on the taste, look and texture of your smokes.

How does it affect the color? When tobacco is grown in the full sunlight, then the leaves will turn a very dark color. Think of the color of dark chocolate or espresso coffee. When you look at cigars, you will see this very dark color and identify it easily. When tobacco is grown in the shade, it is covered with large sheets that only allow indirect sunlight in. Because of this, the leaves will be much lighter in color, creating a creamy tan color. Think of the color of camel or coffee with heavy cream in it.

Shade grown tobacco is a little different. These tobacco plants are grown under cheesecloth sheets that allow only indirect sunlight to the plants. The shade grown tobacco is always in the indirect sunlight and it will never get the same direct light as sun grown varieties. Because of this, shade grown tobacco will never develop the same sugars and oils, creating a more dry flavor. The veining of the leaves will be smaller and the color will be much lighter. Shade grown tobacco will appear as a tan color similar to coffee with a great deal of cream in it. This color is referred to as “Claro.” Do you have any shade grown tobacco in your humidor?

When you are adding cigars and cigar accessories to your collection, it is important that you learn about the different things that affect the tobacco. After all, the tobacco for the wrapper and the cigar itself will affect the flavor, aroma, taste and color. There is a difference between sun and shade grown tobacco and you will see it in the wrapper.

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