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LAX Executive Limo Transfer Tips

December 27, 2011 | Posted in Travel & Leisure

Los Angeles – City of Angels….sounds nice & peaceful, even lovey-dovey, huh? It can be an extremely romantic place – absolutely. Yet there’s a little thing called traffic that somehow makes all of those niceties fly out the window if you’re driving the streets, jockeying for position on the ever-busy freeways…..but wait. That doesn’t have to be your reality. You have the ability to rent an executive limo and bypass all that stress. That’s your key to the LAX executive transportation survival guide – hire a limo. Ride in style, smile mile upon mile as you are chauffeured through the sprawling city by a professional, friendly driver – who also, by the way, is most likely a veritable font of 411 when it comes to giving great recommendations on fine dining, hot music, and overall fun activities. So limo it up and enjoy getting around without the headaches.

Comparing Sun and Shade Grown Tobacco

December 27, 2011 | Posted in Recreation & Sports

There are two different ways to produce tobacco wrappers, which are made from a certain type of tobacco leaves. Each of the cigars in your humidor either has either shade grown or sun grown tobacco as a wrapper. What is the difference between the two? Does it matter how the tobacco is grown? Actually, it does, and whether or not the tobacco is grown in the shade or the sun affects many different things about the cigar wrappers. Here is the difference between sun grown and shade grown tobacco. Take a look in your humidor. Soon, you will be able to see the difference for yourself.

Discover if Your Cigar Shop Offers Repairs on Cigar Accessories

December 27, 2011 | Posted in Travel & Leisure

If you are “into” cigar smoking, it is pretty likely that you own at least one cigar humidor. It is also quite likely that you have a good relationship with at least one cigar store too. Have you considered if that relationship is as valuable to you as it is to the vendor? For instance, if you have purchased cigars and the accessories needed to properly enjoy them, ask yourself if the seller can make the kinds of repairs that such expensive goods often need.