A Guide To Basic Muay Thai Techniques

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Muay Thai techniques are recognized as the basics for engaging in an ancient defensive and attack style of fighting. It is recognized as the national sport of Thailand and is an art from which requires tremendous discipline and intensive training in order to master. The aim of its practice is to protect and strengthen weakest parts of the body.

The so called weapons at your disposal include the feet, elbows, knees and fists. Should one begin intensive training, an understanding must be obtained of how to protect the weaker physical areas. For professional status individuals are required to have mastered the weapons in attacking and defending.

The first important practice is to understand the specific guard and movement tactics. It is based on the performance of a boxer where the body faces the opponent at an angle and forearms remain raised for increased protection. The key to effective movement and defense is to relax the body and master the 3 step walk, crucial for maintaining balance.

The straight punch, jab, hook and uppercut are the most popular practiced manoeuvres. A powerful blow is often delivered by incorporating a twisting movement of the hip, shoulder and foot while maintaining a closed fist during delivery. The jab is described as a sweeping move toward the temple, ears and chin area.

The ultimate power move includes the category of kicks such as the roundhouse, low and push kick. A roundhouse manoeuvre uses the shin in twisting the hips for knocking an opponent down. When the attacker targets the upper body it is best to engage in a low kick through the swing of the leg as it is a fast move and will take an enemy down.

Push kicks are both defensive and attacking for disturbing the maintenance of balance of an attacker. Beginners are encouraged to wear shin guards in training for increased protection against potential injury. This ancient art form requires intense practice and mastering of Muay Thai techniques to achieve professional status.

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