When Is Furnace Repair An Option For Homeowners

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If a homeowner receives the news that his heating system has been red tagged it is never good news. However, when gas utility workers or HVAC contractors finds a crack in the heat exchanger he or she is required by law to disable the unit until the part is replaced of a new system is installed. The crack allows carbon monoxide, an odorless but deadly gas to enter the home. Owners face the choice of furnace repair or replacement at this point.

While heat exchangers may crack for a variety of reasons, two are the most common. As the metal ages, it may develop normal cracks. However, the development of cracks is often because of a build up of dirt inside the chamber. In addition to increasing the energy bill, this can also cause the metal to crack.

Diagnosis of the problem is often challenging, but if a CO detector sounds off without other apparent causes, one should have the unit examined. The regular maintenance keeps the unit working cleanly and may prevent premature failure. An HVAC contractor helps by cleaning parts the owner cannot access.

As units age beyond the ten year mark, they move to the point that replacement is the best option. Older parts are often impossible to find and repairs more expensive than their value. The new unit will be more energy efficient an help to pay for itself in lower operating costs.

With newer systems making repairs is an option, but owners should realize it sometimes takes time to get parts. A supplemental heat source may be necessary to keep occupants comfortable and prevent plumbing from freezing. Many systems at this age are still under warranty.

Furnace repair for units that have been red tagged is often only an option for newer systems. Providing preventative maintenance may help to prevent this type of failure. Maintaining the system ensures the homeowner gets the most from his investment in a heating unit.

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