The 6 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Providing Online IT Courses

August 10, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Computers

Implementing elearning courses is a tool that organizations can use to maximize valuable resources such as time and money. This type of training is often convenient for the individuals who have access to it, and many people prefer to use it as a method of learning. However, as is the case with other kinds of methods, an array of issues can arise. Associations may make various mistakes while implementing such training, and some errors are relatively common.

Mistake 1: Hands-off approach

One of the top mistakes that a company can make is assuming that individuals will participate in a course that is available. In fact, there may be various reasons why certain online IT courses are not effective after being implemented. Unless training is required, there could be a wide range of factors that inhibit people from enrolling in it and staying committed to it.

Mistake 2: Unlimited time

Another top mistake is to allow those who enroll in a course as much time as they want to finish it. When an individual is aware that a course might be taken or finished at any time, it may not be a high priority to that person. If the prospective participant knows that the course is required, and that it must be completed by a certain date, finishing the course is likely to seem more urgent. Some companies have learned that offering courses in segments, as well as creating deadlines for every segment, is an effective way to improve enrollment and completion rates.

Mistake 3: Technical implementation

Issues with software and other technology are not uncommon online, and many organizations fail to correct such problems in a timely manner. If the people who take a course are not able to move past a certain segment because of software issues, they may become frustrated. This can lead to a general loss of interest in the course.

Mistake 4: Relevancy

In addition to software issues, innumerable associations forget that dealing with content issues is important. This can be especially essential in the IT field. If there is too much irrelevant material in a program, the course can lose its credibility. It is critical to monitor course material, so that it remains helpful to participants every day that they are taking a course.

Mistake 5: Complex subjects

An easy mistake that an organization might make is to suppose that online training alone is sufficient to inform people about a complicated subject. While basic courses are sometimes completed easily, many require an instructor to complement them. An online training format may be structured to enable an instructor to assist with questions that participants might have.

Mistake 6: Lack of communication

Lack of communication could be the top error a company might make, when it is offering such courses online. If there is a change in a deadline, it will likely benefit the organization to promptly tell participants about the change. Before implementing a course, an organization should communicate any main objectives or major requirements that are expected of participants.

Elearning is becoming an increasingly useful learning method for countless organizations. It is important that companies learn from the errors of others. When common mistakes are avoided, a company can use its resources efficiently. Utilizing a competent online IT training provider is also a good way to be certain that company resources are not wasted unnecessarily.

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