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The modern society has brought with it both benefits and disadvantages. Some of the benefits include job creation and lower cost of producing goods. This has helped to lower the cost of living in many places in the world. However, this increased production has led to the flooding of the food market with processed foods that are highly dangerous to the teeth. This is because the oral bacteria uses these sugars to produce acid that causes damage to the hard tooth structure. At times the damage if not addressed early enough may lead to a situation where the tooth may have to be extracted. When this happens, the patient is left with a gap. If he decides that he wants to replace that missing tooth, one of the suitable options to consider is by using dental implants falls church va.

Root devices are medical parts that are made under very clean conditions or are cleaned after manufacture is complete. This ensures that they do not infect the tissues into which they will be fitted. They help in substituting natural teeth which have already been lost. During replacement of only one tooth, teeth next to the gap are not involved in supporting the implant directly. Tooth preparation is thus not done on them which maintains them in their natural strong condition.

Root devices are not only used to replace single teeth but also multiple teeth. In this circumstance, they are used to hold dentures in place and prevent them from coming off. This makes the dentures more effective and comfortable for the wearer.

When a patient visits a dentist with the desire to have a post inserted, the doctor will first examine him. The examination helps in planning the treatment, and forecasting any challenges that may be encountered during the procedures to be carried out. Examination is first done through asking questions that are of dental and medical importance. It is very important that the patient answers them accurately. Looking at the mouth and using the sense of touch are the other ways of checking the condition of the tissues before deciding on the treatment to be done. In some cases x rays may be asked for.

If a client is suitable for a root device, the costs and procedures to be performed are explained clearly to him. When he consents to the treatment, then the dentist can begin working.

The post used will depend on the results that the doctor wants to achieve as well as the customer’s ability to pay. Different posts are manufactured and vary depending on the material used to make them as well as their form. The surface of different posts also differs.

The treatment begins by making a flap. A dental hand piece is then used with a bur to drill a hole in the bone. The hole is small at first and increases gradually as the size of the bur is changed from a small one to a larger one. It is very important to ensure that their is adequate cooling of the tissues in contact with the bur. This will prevent heat damage to these tissues.

The post is inserted into the newly created hole and covered up with some of the flap tissue. It is allowed to attach firmly to surrounding bone as healing takes place. After healing, a denture or crown can be attached to the post thus replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

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