Making Sure Horse And Rider Are Prepared For Polo

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Budding horse riders have the option to take part in a number of different riding sports, ranging from the skilful and beautiful dressage, brave show jumping and the daring cross country. One other popular sport is Polo, which is enjoyed by riders up and down the country. Polo consists of four players, each designated a certain position and role within the team. The game takes place on a pitch and each rider is given a polo mallet to hold, which they use to try and hit the ball into the appropriate goal.

In order to take part in Polo, it is important that the horse rider wears the right safety gear so as to protect themselves from the risks involved in the game. Flying balls, swinging mallets and of course, falling off your horse are all common occurrences in Polo. The most important piece of safety equipment that must be worn is undoubtedly a helmet. A Polo helmet is designed specifically for the game and has different advanced safety features to a standard riding helmet. It is not uncommon for Polo helmets to have a metal faceguard that protects the riders face from stray balls or mallets.

Specialist riding boots also need to be worn; usually coming up to just under the knee, with a flat sole and small hell, Polo boots are designed to prevent the player’s foot from slipping through the stirrups and losing control of the horse. It is essential to be in control of the horse due to Polo being played at such a fast speed and losing control could have very dangerous costs.

As well as there being plenty of equipment for the rider, there is also a lot of polo equipment on the market for a horse. As well as a saddle and bridle, horses may need to wear special skid boots which can provide shock absorbency for when the horse is racing up and down the polo pitch. The rider may also need to use a particular bit in the horse’s bridle in order to provide accurate control when it comes to instructing the horse to turn quickly in a certain direction.

In addition to this safety equipment, making sure a horse is also of paramount importance. This means that riders must ensure that their horse has healthy joints as considerable pressure is put upon them whilst taking part in a sport such as Polo. Designed by vets. Using high grade pharmaceutical ingredients, supplements such as NAF Superflex help to prevent horses from gaining injuries and pain, and make sure their joints are healthy and supple. Most supplements such as NAF Superflex are mixed into a horse’s food.

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