Key West Tarpon Fishing Tips

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The tarpon is one of the most sought after fish in the city of Key West. The fish is also known as the Silver King and grows to exceed 200lbs. For successful Key West tarpon fishing, there are useful tips and pieces of information that should be followed. One of the very easy techniques used in getting the fish is fly fishing. This will be used when the tarpons are picky and involves feeding them with flies.

Given the wide range of patterns and colors in availability, select choices can be offered by the guide so that hook up is made more successful. During their early migration, the tarpons travel the ocean side flats and normally come in large pods. It is worth being noted that the fish will never really go out of their way to eat flies, hence one has to try to take the insects to them. Some effort is needed to make them see the flies.

The hooks do not need to be set up too hard. Given that they have hard mouths, thus the best approach with the majority of live baits is dropping back about 10 feet of the line and letting it tighten up. Alternatively, the rod can be left in the rod holder until the tarpon strips the line off the heel. The other trick is putting the rod tip in the water and then reeling fast.

The drag setting should also be done appropriately. A good number of anglers will always set the drag too tight for fishing. A value of between 20 percent and 25 percent is appropriate. It should also be remembered that lines are weakened by knots by as much as 25 percent. Hand held scales will come very much in handy in ensuring that drag setting is right. Heavier lines are used in the event that tarpons keep breaking weaker ones.

The drag washers are supposed to be kept clean and smoothly running through lubrication with STP. In the beginning, tarpons are supposed to be left to run. Fishermen and women should be ready for hard initial runs. When fishing is done in open waters, they should be left to run for some time until they get a bit worn out before pressure is applied. When doing fishing around obstacles, heavier lines and tackles are needed.

Before going fishing, one should learn to tie the best knots that should also be tight to avoid disappointments. When one hooks up with a tarpon in open waters, it is not the time to apply too much pressure. After the initial frantic run, one can start applying pressure. The rod is used for fighting tarpons and the reel to store the line.

Tarpons ought to be fought closely while taking care not to get too much of the line out. In this way, they become easy to control. Most people are caught unawares because they underestimate the power of the fish.

For those that look to go for Key West tarpon fishing, success will be determined by use of effective techniques. Heads of tarpons should be kept up so that they do not start running again. At the same time, enough pressure should be applied to keep them in position.

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