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Bhut Jolokia, also commonly known as ghost pepper, is the name of an interspecific hybrid that is cultivated in India. More specifically, this is found in the states of Nagaland and Assam. There are many different purposes for this, including cooking. Ghost pepper hot sauce is sold through many manufacturers and is recognized as the hottest of these sauces.

In 2007, Guinness World Records gave this the title of hottest chili pepper. Then, in 2012, the title was given to the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Just a year later, in 2013, Carolina Reaper was reported as the hottest in the world. Despite its loss of this title, the Bhut Jolokia is still considered four times as hot as Tabasco sauce.

This condiment, and the pepper itself, is used in many dishes to add some heat. It is commonly added to churneys, curries and pickles. It may also be included to give its distinct flavor to a recipe. Most people combine it with dried or fermented fish, or pork. People who do not enjoy foods that are spicy or have a lot of flavor may not enjoy this. The condiment might not be best for little children or babies.

There are different kinds of hot sauces with this pepper. Some may feature just Bhut Jolokia, while others might incorporate other kinds. This condiment may be made with pepper as the base and other ingredients, such as salt and vinegar added for taste. Other versions may use vegetables and fruits for the base, adding the chili peppers in for the heat.

Many different techniques are involved with manufacturing of this product. These may have their own effects on the final condiment. Some of the variation that may be present in preparation may include aging the product in container, as well as pureeing or cooking ingredients to get the right flavor. The heat rating given to habanero and ghost peppers on the Scoville scale makes these ingredients commonly used in the hottest sauces. Still, other things may be added for additional heat, for instance: pure capsaicin extract, spices, vinegar and mustard oil. Ingredients will vary by product.

The price on these sauces will depend on several factors, such as manufacturer and seller. Generally these can be purchased at most grocery stores. However, certain brands may be available in limited stores. Most of the products can also be found and purchased through online stores as well. Individuals might also consider reading customer reviews about the product, as well as other important information provided by the manufacturer regarding serving size and use.

Physical reaction of those who consume this type of sauce will vary. Some people may be more tolerant of the heat, while others who are more sensitive may struggle with it. Usually people who use this in recipes do so in such small quantities that the heat is not overwhelmingly unbearable. Still, individuals may cough, sweat and show other behavior from consuming this sauce.

Ghost pepper hot sauce is among the hottest condiments that exists. This is available through many different manufacturers. People who use this sauce in food recipes are encouraged to add a small amount and keep it away from sensitive people, such as children.

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