Florida Public Divorce Records

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One of the solutions that married couples prefer when their relationship is no longer working is to go for separation. To make the separation legal, it has to be documented in the presence of a government official. In Florida, such document is an open file. This means that divorce records Florida gives to its people are accessible anytime.

In Florida, divorce certificates are requested for a number of reasons. One of the primary uses of a divorce record is for government transactions. There are some processes in the government that would require a copy of such file. Without it, any request may be denied. Such document is also used as reference when conducting a genealogy research. It may not be as important as other public document but it may be a problem if it is not updated in a timely manner. The divorcee cannot remarry if a divorce record is not presented.

One can find the basic information of the separation on a public divorce record. The names of the husband and the wife who separated are indicated on the record together with the date and the place where the divorce filed the separation. One can also find the name of the witnesses and the prosecutor who handled the separation.

The rest of the sensitive information is kept away from public access. This includes the reason for the separation as well as who filed the petition. One would not be able to find the agreement about the children and the properties and assets of the couple. All of this information remains private only to the involved people to respect their privacy.

One can get a copy of a divorce record at the office of the Vital Statistics in the Department of Health. The said office only releases copies of the document provided that it has been registered since June 6, 1927. One has to go to the county clerk office to get records before the said date. A processing fee of $5 has to be paid when requesting for a copy of a divorce record. The request form should contain the personal information of the one who requested the document. This is done to check their relationship to the divorcees since the file is only given to the divorcees themselves or their family members. By providing the basic information of the file that is being requested, it can help hasten the search process.

Requesting for a copy of a divorce record in Florida is now made easy with the use of the Internet. One simply needs to log on to a website that offer to search for public documents and fill in the online form then submit the information needed and after a few seconds, the requested information is displayed on the computers screen. With this, it has eliminated the need to travel and go to any office just to file the request thus saving you time and energy. One can even do a free divorce records search.

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