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June 26, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Marketing

Have you heard about attraction marketing and how powerful it is? I bet you have heard about its magician powers and ways it will suddenly make you richer than you have ever imagined.

So I am a major fan of that part of attraction marketing. It really does work very well for a lot of people. I know myself how I pay to keep building my knowledge and even to hang out with my mentors and advisors.

Your ‘content’ starts to appear in Google and people who are searching for network marketing related terms find your ‘content’. If they like it, they may share it with their friends, they may add it to their Myspace or Facebook page or they may blog about it on their own website. That ‘content’ then gets picked up by other people who continue to pass it on to their friends.

This is the power of Attraction Marketing and Web 2.0 on the Internet. Your ‘content’ will now be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of network marketers!

By positioning yourself as a leader with lots of knowledge, YOU gain the posture. Rather than you having to go and ‘almost beg’ your friends and family to join your opportunity, people come flocking to YOU asking for your help.

You know yourself that you admire people who are more knowledgeable in an area than you. You might even pay money to learn from them. What if you then turned the tables and became very knowledgeable in one area and then made money teaching others.

The great thing about having a business on the Internet is that you can access a global market of people who are all looking for some kind of information. That is the main way Google make money isn’t it. They just supply information to people. They don’t even compile the information, they just sort through it.

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